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Frequently Asked Questions


Natal Chart - This is what I will focus on if it is your first astrology consultation. It consists of interpreting the placements of the celestial spheres at the moment of your birth. 

Transit Chart - Transits are how the movements of the planets now or at a specific date in the past or future are interacting with the placements of your natal chart. It can tell themes and pick out psychological or subconscious patterns that repeat throughout the story of your life. One thing we do not do is give specific predictions. We can get pretty close to it, but ultimately your own free will determines the outcome! 

Secondary Progressions -  This is a powerful timing technique that is can be used to understand the past and the future. This is best when wanting to look at the year ahead, patterns throughout your life, or understand current themes. 

Synastry - This involves looking at the interaction between the natal chart of two people - typically romantic partners but it can be applied to any relationship, including friendships, business partnerships, parent-child relationships etc... 

Composite - This is a chart that blends the natal placements of two people into one separate and singular chart that represents the overall relationship signatures. 

Astro-Locality and Astro-Cartography - Are you interested in relocating or even wondering where a good vacation destination would be? This technique puts the path of the stars on the map and shows which areas are good for certain things. Want to meet someone? Try traveling to your Venus line. 

Solar Return Chart - This can be referred to as "the birthday chart". The moment the Sun returns to the same placement as your birth is called the Solar Return, and the cosmic placements of the moment of the return can tell one about the year themes of the year ahead. 

Yearly Profections - This technique comes from tried and true traditional astrology. Every year a different part of your chart and planet or luminary is activated. This is helpful for understanding the themes of a year as a whole and how it will progress month to month. This is a powerful year-ahead technique. 


The way I have my booking set up is you book the amount of time you want. If you have a lot to talk about, you will need more time. However, if you have a specific question involving electing an excellent time to do something, then you can select a shorter period of time. 

The minimum time for a first time client is 60 minutes and we will focus on the Natal Chart with brief transit info at the end. After your first session with you you may choose any time and any technique. If you have no preference for the technique you can book a time, and we will do whatever makes sense when we begin our session.

In short, my consultations will cater to your needs whether you have a specific question. I can suggest techniques or we can just allow the stars to lead. I have an intake form where you can list questions, comments, and concerns before our consultation. 


All of my appointments happen over the Zoom meetings platform which can be accessed by phone (dial in), smart phone, computer, or tablet. When you book with me you will get a confirmation e-mail with the zoom link that we will use to get into our meeting. You will also receive a link to to the intake form. Please take the time to fill out the intake form if you have never done so. It is a recent addition and I am trying to collect them from all of my clients. You MUST provide birth DATE / TIME / PLACE in order for me to provide the most accurate consultation from you.




All sessions must be via Zoom meetings and require an intake form to learn more about you. 

The products and services offered by Ecstatic Astrology are not meant to replace any psychological, emotional, or medical treatment. It is offered as a informative service. Ecstatic Astrology takes no responsibility or liability for any action the customer may take based on these astrological interpretations. All sessions are private and any recording you receive is for your own personal use. This is a strictly confidential session in which no information will be shared outside of the astrological consult. Ecstatic Astrology endeavors to provide quality astrological information, but it is offered on an “as it is” basis and may consist of personal opinions and view and as such we take no liability for the recommendations and accuracy of any information given in a session or any content on the website or social media platforms. By using this website or any content from Ecstatic Astrology, you understand that you are solely responsible for your actions, regardless of any information received. Information here or advice may or may not influence your beliefs and actions but in all cases and at all times you are the only responsible.

Any reliance placed on the content provided by Mandi Rae/Ecstatic Astrology is to be made at your own risk. We do not take liability for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with the use of the information provided

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