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Zodiac Chart
Mandi Rae has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Natal Chart

The book of your life. Together we explore the intricacies and wonders of your soul path and destiny. This analysis consists of interpreting the placements of the celestial sphere's at the moment of your birth. 





Transit and Progression Chart

The upcoming cycles of your life: where are you headed, and what are the next steps for you? This analysis will guide you to navigate timing effectively and make the best of what lies ahead. We can look at timing if you need to make changes or decisions.

Transits are how the movements of the planets now or at a specific date in the past or future are interacting with the placements of your natal chart. It can tell themes and pick out psychological or subconscious patterns that repeat throughout the story of your life. One thing we do not do is give specific predictions. We can get pretty close to it, but ultimately your free will.


Yearly Profections 

This technique comes from tried and true traditional astrology. Every year a different part of your chart and planet or luminary is activated. This is helpful for understanding the themes of a year as a whole and how it will progress month to month. This is a powerful year ahead technique. 


Synastry and Composite

Relationships in your life: examining compatibility with romantic or professional partners, or family members, to make the best of your relationships.
This involves look
ing at the interaction between the natal chart of two people - typically romantic partners, but it can be applied to any relationship, including friendships, business partnerships, parent-child relationships etc... 





Astro-Locality and Astro-Cartography

Are you interested in relocating or even wondering where a good vacation destination would be? This technique puts the path of the stars on the map and shows which areas are good for certain things. Want to meet someone? Try traveling to your Venus line. 


Solar Return Chart

This can be referred to as "the birthday chart". The moment the Sun returns to the same placement as your birth is called the Solar Return and the cosmic placements of the moment of the return can tell one about the year themes of the year ahead. 


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