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The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio // Jan 18 2022 - July 17 2023

If you read and follow my ramblings about Astrology, you have probably heard me talk about the "Nodes of the Moon". The lunar nodes are the two points at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic; in other words, this is where Eclipses happen! The ascending (or north) node is where the Moon moves into the northern ecliptic hemisphere, while the descending (or south) node is where the Moon enters the southern ecliptic hemisphere. The North and South Node are always opposite and always involve two opposing astrological signs. These points move the opposite way through the zodiac. On Jan 18th, they left the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius and moved into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

The North Node, in many traditions, is referred to as the "head of the Dragon" and is the place where we place much of our focus during the 18 months that it is in a sign. It develops, grows, and is an essential piece of the puzzle when looking at how astrology actually reflects what is happening in our lives. In Taurus, there is a drive towards comfort, self-sufficiency, beauty, fertility, survival, assets, values, and sensuous experiences. We move towards the themes of where the North Node in Taurus is transiting in our chart with an insatiable hunger.

The South Node or "Tail of the Dragon" is associated with clearing out, letting go, separation, and past life karma. It is important to note that the South Node can kick up the dust, so to speak, and we may get lost in old tendencies or situations. These things can also be abruptly taken out of our lives as it transits a place. With the South Node in Scorpio, we will be dealing with old fears, compulsions, commitments, obsessions, and things we hold onto or try to control. We may experience powerlessness or grasp for power or control in the area of our chart that the South Node in Scorpio is transiting.

Scorpio is associated with shared resources, contracts, and sexuality, so these are some of the themes we could be letting go of or separating from. So with this shift, we can ask ourselves, how do I let go of the need to control or hold onto situations or people? The need to have security from outside of ourselves. Alternatively, with the North Node in Taurus, there will be the need to develop inner security, self-reliance, and defining our own values.

One important note on this Eclipse cycle is that the North Node will interact quite strongly with the planet Uranus which represents change, unexpected events, upheaval, revolution, and liberation. It does these things in Taurus through values, assets, self-worth, and what feels comforting and inviting. So you may find that where the North Node in Taurus is developing a particular area of your chart, it could be doing so unexpectedly or unpredictably.

To get clearer on what area of life this could be happening for you, locate your rising sign and read below:

Aries Rising:

This eclipse season is about letting go of dependence on people outside of yourself and fostering and growing your own inner security. The South Node in Scorpio in the 8th house can hold onto commitments, contracts, and partnerships because it feels like it has no other choice. There could also be fears about breaking an alliance or commitment. The North Node in Taurus in your 2nd house wants to develop self-reliance and self-worth and your assets. With Uranus present in Taurus, you may find that your financial situation changes altogether and quite suddenly, or you may unexpectedly that you need freedom from a contract or how you share resources with someone. Much of the focus of this transit will be on how much you value yourself and how you need to step away from giving too much in any partnership.

Taurus Rising:

This eclipse season is about stepping away from being disempowered in relationships. The South Node in Scorpio in your 7th house may show you that you have a tendency to control or be controlled by friends or romantic partners. There is also the possibility of feeling overly committed to relationships or being scared of being alone. The North Node in Taurus in your 1st house wants you to develop your own identity without regard to others' thoughts or actions. You will be creating a new sense of self-worth, autonomy, independence, and authenticity. With Uranus present, you may decide to quite suddenly change your identity altogether, or you may find that you need liberation from a relationship. You may need more time alone than usual.

Gemini Rising:

This eclipse season involves letting go of certain routines, habits, health, or work situations. The South Node in Scorpio is in your 6th house, and you may feel disempowered or have fears surface about your health or a work situation. This can also manifest itself as unhealthy obsessions or the inability to let go of some aspect of your health routines or daily patterns, perhaps even overworking. The North Node in Taurus in your 12th house encourages you to let go and surrender. You may find you value more quiet time, meditation, and spirituality during this transit. With the addition of Uranus bringing an upheaval or change here, you may be able to break a cycle because of a sudden spiritual insight. This is a time to develop your intuition and note your dreams.

Cancer Rising:

This eclipse season is about letting go of intense or disempowering romantic or creative experiences. The South Node in Scorpio is in your 5th house. It may exhibit itself by being overly attached to a specific creative purpose, romantic desires. The 5th house also rules children, so having children or feeling fears around your own children being out of your control could come up for you in some way this year. This area of the chart also relates to the need to be seen or recognized for your creative endeavors, so the South Node will move us away from needing attention for what we do. The North Node in Taurus encourages you to have a higher perspective and see that your creativity is valuable to the world, especially if you pursue goals that help humanity. This is about networking, working with groups of people, and thinking outside the box. This could also be about leveling up your assets and having higher goals for finances. With Uranus present, you may suddenly find yourself connecting with more people or changing your plans for the future altogether.

Leo rising:

This eclipse season involves letting go of an attachment to the home, family, and ancestry. The South Node in Scorpio in your 4th house could manifest itself by feelings of being dominated or mistreated by a situation in your family or home environment. This could also show itself as an unhealthy attachment to the home and never wanting to leave your place of security. It should be noted that the South Node in the here could dredge up secrets or uncomfortable truths about your ancestry and family. In essence, you are moving away from emotional stagnation, familial disempowerment, and self-sabotaging your own success. With the North Node in Taurus in your 10th house, you develop your own authority, career, public reputation, and legacy. Career or personal goals likely become very important to you. There will be a lot of energy in this area, and with Uranus present, you could find yourself with an unexpected promotion or career change that allows you to feel self-sufficient and secure.

Virgo Rising:

This eclipse season is about changing your mind. The South Node in Scorpio is in your 3rd house, which is associated with decision making, communication, short trips, siblings, and the local community. It could be the case that you are very fixed or rigid in some of the ways you think and communicate. Another possibility is that you feel disempowered and unheard when you do speak, and people constantly interrupt you or never actually listen. This area of the chart can even lend itself to feeling overly committed, fearful, or disempowered with regards to sibling relationships or community involvement. The North Node in Taurus in your 9th house encourages the development and expansion of your beliefs through travel or education. You are seeking to develop your own philosophies and expand what you know about the world. With Uranus present, this could indicate learning something new or focusing on belief in yourself and the path you are on. Know your worth and trust the path that you take, even if you don't know exactly where it is headed.

Libra Rising:

This eclipse season is about letting go of the fear of losing your assets or feeling a constant lack of security. The South Node in Scorpio transiting your 2nd house can indicate the tendency to seek ownership over people or hold onto and even hide assets from those closest to you. The lack of ability to share yourself and the things you own stems from the fear that others will take too much and leave you with nothing. This transit aims to separate you from stubborn self-reliance and distrust. This can bring up fears about security or self-reliance. The North Node in Taurus in the 8th house focuses on your view of partnership and how you share with others or how others share with you. Allow yourself to trust others and open yourself to romantic and business partnerships that give you security and comfort. Another 8th house practice is to make some investments instead of putting cash under your mattress. The North Node in the 8th house can indicate loss, so it is possible you may have to part with something in your life that you are attached to. Conversely, inheritance is another signification of this area of the chart. With Uranus present in your 8th, you can find yourself receiving money or gifts that you value from others out of the blue or having a new business partner or benefactor come into your life.

Scorpio Rising:

This eclipse season is about letting go of parts of yourself that no longer serve you, like being overly independent and in control. You may deal with fears of being disempowered if you let go of the facade that you are all-powerful and in control. Sometimes it is not always necessary to be the boss. Alternatively, there may be fears around showing up as your true self that will surface during this transit. The South Node in Scorpio is in the 1st house of your chart, and so you may be asked to move away from attachment to a particular identity, extreme independence, fear of being authentic, and obsession with how others see you. The North Node in Taurus transits your 7th house, which is associated with cooperation, relationships, and agreements. During this time, you are developing a fair and balanced existence with those around you and focusing on romantic partners or friendships. Nurturing your relationships is the theme of this eclipse season. With Uranus present in your 7th house, there may be an experience of upheaval or change in your relationships that makes it necessary to re-evaluate your identity or the unexpected start of a new partnership that supports you in being your true self.

Sagittarius Rising:

This eclipse season is about stepping away from escapism and the dream world. The South Node in Scorpio is in your 12th house, and you may find you are very committed and perhaps overly attached to your alone time or the desire to get away and zone out. You may find that you hide or run away when uncomfortable emotions surface, even stuffing them down deep enough to ignore them. You may also find that you are confused or afraid of your true and deepest desires. The North Node in Taurus is in your 6th house, emphasizing the need to bring it all back to reality. Developing healthy routines, habits, and work-life is important and helps you be present here and now. This transit wants you to really dig in and experience reality. With Uranus in the same area, there could be an unexpected or liberating event in your health, work, or routines that causes you to change how you value your life altogether. Find some rituals to which you can attach meaning during the next 18 months, and remember to Be Here Now.

Capricorn Rising:

This eclipse season is about stepping away from goals and groups that you are might be overly attached to, or that disempower you. The South Node in Scorpio is in your 11th house, bringing attention to disempowering situations within the groups you associate with or over-commitment to a goal that no longer serves you. At this point, you are meant to face your fears around why you feel like you cannot move away from particular people or an idea of what the future holds. The North Node in Taurus is in your 5th house, which encourages you to find value in your own creativity and joy, just for the sake of it. This transit is about becoming reacquainted with your inner child and the need to feel seen and loved. You could be rekindling romance in your life, finding connection and value in children, or a creative project. With Uranus present, you may be surprised by what you now find fun and enjoyable. Another possibility is that a child, creative inspiration, or romantic interest comes into your life out of the blue. Listen to the kid inside; it will inform you of the direction you should go.

Aquarius Rising:

This eclipse season is about stepping away from a career, legacy, or place of authority. The South Node in Scorpio is in your 10th house, which can bring up fixation with a career goal or fears around your public reputation. This transit will have you separating from the need to be in a place of authority or specific attachment to how the world sees you. The North Node in Taurus is bringing focus to your home, family, and emotional security. You may find that you want to now work from home or decide to work on your home. The other possibility is changing values around what home means to you. Family is another theme for this transit. It could be that you see how much you value time with your family or how much they value what you bring to the table regardless of your status in the world. With Uranus present, you could have an unexpected change in your home, family, or what brings you comfort.

Pisces Rising:

This eclipse season is about separating from a belief system or an obsession with traveling and higher education. The South Node in Scorpio is in the 9th house of your chart, showing where you are overly attached to a particular belief or way of looking at life. This is a transit that tells you not to hold so tight to what you think you know. This is traditionally the house associated with the idea of the "guru", which means you may encounter a separation from being a teacher in some area of your life. Additionally, if you have found an emotional connection through travel or education, you may have to do less of that. The North Node in Taurus in your 3rd house is associated with developing and fostering communication, short trips, local community, sibling relationships, thought processes, and decision making. This transit will have you focusing on speaking or teaching your truth, listening to others, and gathering data. With Uranus present, you may find that you completely change how you communicate or liberate yourself by speaking your truth and expressing your self-worth and values to others. You may also encounter unexpected situations with siblings or the community in which you live. People may be a bit surprised by what you say this year.


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